• Saves up to 95% on licensing cost.
  • Supports Oracle® Primavera P6 Schedules saved as .xer or .xls file types.
  • There is no learning curve or training costs for using the software.

XER Reader for Primavera P6 Schedules

PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective XER viewer for project schedules created with Oracle Primavera P6, where users can view the plans without the need of additional license. It is aimed to replace the flow of sending plans in PDF to Project Managers, Team Leads and Stakeholders so they can get dynamic overview, advanced filtering and send progress update in a simple way, requiring no additional integration.

Benefits for Project Managers

Main reasons to choose PrimaveraReader and replace exporting schedules to PDF:

  • Overview of the project with personalized views and custom filtering. 

  • Navigate through predecessors and successors.

  • Work with custom layouts importerd from .pdf file.

  • Baselines comparison from several Project Schedule versions. 

  • Propose feedback for Progress updates on activities and assignments. 

There are advantages for Project Schedulers too

Project Schedulers that will remain using Oracle Primavera P6 will immediately feel the benefits from such a .xer viewer. 

Save Time: no need to create different screenshots for each team in PDF.

Progress Update: receive progress update and accept/reject feedback with a single click.

High Engagement: user get full overview of the task relations and don't feel isolated.

Full Alignment: user can import company's custom layouts in PDF format or choose how assignment data is displayed in their view.

Up-to-date resources: each user can make baseline comparison and see what the scheduler has changed from the previous plan.